Justice for Jacques Dodson

Parish: East Baton Rouge

Police Department: East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

My name is Jacques Dodson, and I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I attended Glen Oaks High School and growing up was hard. I am currently divorced and have three children. In my free time I enjoy fishing and hunting. I would describe myself as an overall kind person who believes in fairness and justice. However, I have not had the same courtesy extended to me by the police.

Around three years ago, an officer from the Baton Rouge City Police department began harassing me and my girlfriend. It began when the officer pulled into his driveway one day and began talking to me and my girlfriend. From then on, I have continued getting weird text messages and calls from the officer regularly through different numbers and I believe he is abusing his authority and power as an officer.

I have also heard that this same officer uses sexual favors from women in order to drop charges or lessen charges. I personally do not know if there are other people out there that are being continually harassed in the way that I am but would not be surprised.

In May of 2020, I filed a report with Internal Affairs and never got a call back. I was told they would conduct an investigation and have not heard any updates since.

This officer has told several lawyers in his city not to help me, keeping me from getting the legal help I deserve. Additionally, this officer has filed false claims about me so that officers have a reason to ‘check up on me’.

As a result of the situation, I feel unsafe all the time and everywhere I go. I have always feared the police and this incident has only exacerbated that fear.

I am currently on medication for my mental health issues, and this has only made things worse. What haunts me more is that I am essentially paying this officer to harass me through my taxes.

I have tried talking to my family and father, who used to be a sheriff, who advised me to go to internal affairs which like I mentioned earlier, did not do anything.

At this point, I do not know what to do and I am just trying to control what is in my power. All I want is for the officer to stop using his power to harass others and for him to go through the necessary protocols as any other citizen.

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