Anonymous Submission

Parish: Jefferson

Police Department: Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

It started when I was at home and daughter called me to get my grandchildren from her home along with some things that my children’s father had taken that belonged to me. When I arrived at my daughter’s house, I saw my daughter standing with two men, talking. My daughter and my children’s father had a misunderstanding and my daughter ultimately hit him in the head with something to make him stop fighting with my granddaughter. He called the police. I saw my daughter’s children’s father sitting in a car and I asked him to give me my belongings, but he did not answer so I said it louder.

Then all of a sudden Deputy Danny Julian (although I did not know who it was at the time) came up behind me and dragged me across the lawn. I looked up and saw that my phone was lying on the ground nearby. I tried to reach for it to call the police and Deputy Julian snatched it away. I got up and began talking to Deputy Danny Julian. My grandchildren’s father James Young shouted to me, “He’s gonna shoot you,” and I looked over and saw Deputy Iannazzo holding a gun pointed toward me. Then Deputy Julian showed him his taser, which led to Iannazzo putting his gun away. Iannazzo grabbed my arm, twisted it backwards, slammed me to the ground, and put his knee into my neck. I had had surgery on my neck a few years before so my daughter turned around and screamed at them to stop. Officer Iannazzo pulled out his baton and beat my daughter in the head until she was unconscious.

Danny Julian put handcuffs on me while I was on the ground. My daughter was still on the ground unconscious. When I turned around, I heard several police cars pulling up behind me. Several police cars came up with their guns pointed at me. I think there were about 10 policemen there. I screamed, “God, get these devils away from me” and Deputy Kavanaugh told the policemen to put their guns away. Then he asked the other two deputies what was going on. All this time my grandchildren were watching from the house and witnessed this.

An officer then came up to me and asked if I had any injuries. Her daughter was still unconscious. Danny Julian put her and me in the car. They brought us to an unknown location. We were in a parking lot when a medical professional came and examined me and asked me if I had any problems. My daughter, who had regained her consciousness, had knots in her head. They did not send her to the hospital, but brought me to the hospital where they had X-rays done. Then they brought me to the Jefferson Parish Correction Center, where they were holding my daughter already. The nurse there asked if I needed anything and I told the nurse that I had medication and needed to see someone in the morning concerning my injuries. I was left in jail for 3 days. When I got home, the first thing I did was get my grandchildren.

After this incident, I decided to press charges. I originally hired Attorney Bizal. He signed a retainer on February 2, 2012, that he would represent my civil rights case. However, he ended up filing a bogus complaint without even telling me in 2013. I believe he was in conspiracy with attorneys in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

As a result of this incident, I needed surgery on my shoulder from where Deputy Iannazzo twisted my arm. I needed physical therapy for my neck and knee. When I fell, I must have hit my knee. Furthermore, my entire family is traumatized. I have been seeking professional help, but my daughter did not.

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